If you have a high street shop that relies on foot traffic for business, Impact Shopping can design and build a beautiful, bespoke online virtual store that gives you a presence in London, Paris and New York — with 150 million online customers “walking” past your store.  

The retail world is a fast-changing place, and high street shops are under increasing pressure from online shopping and competitors like Amazon. Impact Shopping is here to help by providing a fully functional online presence with over 8,000 brands and a billion products in your store. These products sell at a discount, and our results so far have demonstrated that when you join the Impact program, your customers have a 98% propensity to return to your online shop.

Impact Shopping is part of the Impact Group with over $6 Billion in Impact credits. Its Impact Store is already changing the way we shop, creating a world where everyone can shop responsibly and sustainably.

We have built a global online shopping experience with a measurable and substantial positive impact on our planet. It’s part of a new circular economy where impact becomes a currency for change, and every participant plays their part.

The high street will come under increasing pressure from online shopping. The Impact Movement supports local businesses, saves high street stores and allows consumers to take responsibility for the future of our planet while educating the world about being a sustainable and responsible shopper.

Yes. We intend to limit the number of retail outlets, but it’s also our goal to provide a diverse, varied shopping experience with shops that have personality. We will never be an out of town shopping mall. Think of us as a Kings Road, a Bond Street, a Regents Street, or perhaps a Savile Row of London.