The Impact Shopping platform emerged from the combination of former professional footballer Niall Quinn’s MoShoppa and its collaboration with Corre Energy, a sustainable energy storage company.

As a result of the Impact Shopping platform’s emergence from MoShoppa’s technology, we can offer a simple first-class experience for retailers looking to access new customers, products, sales and expanding online.

The FAQ video below for MoShoppa outlines the way that our technology functions and answers any questions that our retailers may have.

Procorre is a management consultancy with offices across Europe; they have net sales of more than $200 million and assets over $150 million. Procorre provides consultancy services to over 65 countries and deals with all business sectors and skill sets.

The availability is limited. We’re offering a limited number of retail spaces to high street retailers.

Yes. All of your current products can be included on your Impact Store.

We negotiate large-scale discounts on branded products through our volume, and we exchange Impact Credits for discounts. We can build you an online store and fill it full of millions of products — giving you a virtual presence in New York, London and Paris.

Who would have thought that the strength of social media could create the world’s youngest billionaire (21-year-old Kylie Jenner) in less than two years by selling makeup on Instagram?  Kylie had a 150-product range on her website. At Impact Shopping, we can give you millions of products and millions of shoppers

We have a team of professionals that will take a sketch design from you and build a product for your Impact Shop. It doesn’t matter if it’s a t-shirt or a golf cart; we have product designers and manufacturers that can help.

The fee is fully refundable; we only want to attract people and companies that are serious about the Global impact movement and understand the importance of saving the high street. We do then want to focus on the important people and are requesting a small fee that is fully refundable should you be unsuccessful within the tender.

Impact Shopping is inviting tender from retailers for its launch in August of 2019, in the USA, UK and Ireland over the coming two years it will launch into every country around the world. The digital Impact Shopping website will be open 365 days a year to the entire world.

It only takes minutes to set up a shop and fill it full of products ready for your first customer.

As a retailer you will be paid a minimum 10% of each sale, this can be increased depending on products and future volumes sold.

With Impact Store you can shop all over the world, those beautiful boutiques of Bond Street London, street markets of India, the sophistication of Paris or Times Square New York.  As a retailer, you can have a virtual shop in every major city in the world.

Following a successful purchase, the brand is automatically paid and notified to deliver the product.

This varies depending on the brand, but the average wait time is 3-5 days. The products can be delivered to your store or your customer’s home.

Commission and margins from all completed sales on your in-store kiosk will be credited to your linked PayPal account every month. This is separate from your till system and can be managed remotely.

If your customer tries the product in-store and wants to return it, you will arrange for the product’s collection with the brand. Most brands provide a free collection and return service. For further assistance, Impact Shopping’s customer support team will ensure a smooth journey. Once the brand receives the product, your customer’s account will be credited. If the customer requires the product to be delivered to their home, they will follow the same procedure.