The Impact Story

Following a successful footballing career, Niall Quinn began exploring business ventures and established an eCommerce platform which allowed any retailer, influencer or individual to set up a personalised online store in minutes.

However, Niall became overwhelmed by his desire to make a positive difference with his business venture. Following this, he began actively seeking an opportunity to combine his proposition with another organisation who could implement real change to the world.

In 2019, Niall met Keith McGrane, CEO of Corre Energy. Corre Energy provides global sustainable storage solutions to reduce climate change, create socioeconomic value and establish impact projects; ultimately contributing towards positive environmental change through innovative projects.

Combining Niall’s platform with Keith McGrane’s Corre Energy led to the development of the world’s first fully sustainable shopping experience platform. The Impact Shopping platform allows shoppers to offset their environmental impact with a positive difference by contributing revenue to sustainable energy innovations.

Niall Quinn and Keith McGrane have appointed Procorre, a $200 million global management consultancy, to manage the sign up process for retail companies across the world. If you are reading this, then you have been specifically chosen for the opportunity to join the Impact Shopping community, giving you access to hundreds of millions of shoppers globally, while significantly increasing your sales.

The Impact Shopping platform envisages a world where consumers can make a positive impact without changing their day-to-day trends. We foresee a future where retailers of all sizes can propel their online presence at a minimal additional cost while accessing more revenue streams and contributing to positive environmental change.

Through assisting independent retailers and contributing to positive environmental change, we are building a future where the integrity of our high street remains unscathed by rapid digital transformation. While we can’t inhibit the exponential growth of online shopping, we can build a channel for retailers to unlock the potential of it and keep the heart of our high street beating.

We will open new doors of opportunity for retailers, consumers and brands to contribute towards sustainable energy innovations and impact projects. These projects are hand-chosen based on their potential for implementing real, positive change to our world. Through our partnerships with over 7,000 of the world’s top brands, we can provide discounted products to our retailers and allow consumers to buy them without any additional costs.

Through presenting additional opportunities to retailers, the Impact Shopping platform will also play a pivotal role in helping the local high street. While the continued momentum of online shopping is growing, Impact Shopping presents an opportunity through the utilisation of cutting-edge technology to keep the heart of the high street beating. Retailers on the Impact platform can access a higher volume of products via a digital presence; this can ensure that they don’t miss out on a sale as a result of limited stock or space.


Impact Shopping is our global online shopping experience with a measurable and substantial positive impact on our planet. It is part of a new circular economy where impact becomes a currency for change, and every participant in the retail chain plays their part.

In 2018, estimates suggested that online retail sales amounted to somewhere between $2-3 trillion in economic activity. Our analysis of the online shopping market returned that the demographics with a tendency to shop online also showed a clear propensity of wanting to participate in having a positive environmental impact.

Impact Shopping allows consumers to contribute to projects with a positive environmental impact while they shop the products that they love. We call these projects Impact Projects.

The Impact Group’s current projects hold the value of over $6 billion in Impact Credits (a measurable value of their potential positive impact), this figure is supported by Imperial College London and the European Commission. By using the credits and value within our projects, we exchange Impact Credits for discounts with over 7,000 brands who can provide 150 million products. Retailers on our platform are offered these products via the sustainable shopping platform. Consumers buy these products from our retailers, and we pay up to 10% of the proceeds to Impact Projects with a demonstrable positive effect on our planet.

In turn, this not only funds our current Impact Projects but also provides the investment to develop more Impact Credits and opportunities. Retailers and shoppers generate points based on the number of Impact Credits that they accrue via their transactions, and these points can are usable on Impact stores.

Impact Energy refers to the Impact Projects on our platform which are centric around sustainable energy developments. Clean, sustainable energy has demonstrated its potential over recent years, and it has become a clear route to a cleaner future when adopted.

“Just one thing, however, would be enough to halt climate change. If clean energy became cheaper than coal, gas or oil, fossil fuel would simply stay in the ground.” – Sir David Attenborough

 The frontrunner of Impact Energy is currently Corre Energy, a mass-scale sustainable energy storage development. Corre Energy works towards building grid-scale energy storage assets, unlocking hidden value within the existing market, enabling the energy transition to a sustainable future, and directly reducing CO2 emissions.

Ultimately, it is innovations like this which will have a direct positive impact on our world, and The Impact Group is proud to stand at the forefront of unlocking this potential. As the flagship project, Corre Energy currently holds over $6 billion in Impact Credits.

For too long, future generations have been let down by governments and multi-national corporations who haven’t invested enough in sustainable energy innovations with huge potential. At Impact, we enable consumers to make these investments through shopping as they always have done, at no additional cost.

The Impact Store is the only company in the world with the technical ability to enable all of our retailers’ stocked brands to be showcased online on one website.

  • Our 7,000+ brand partners give Impact retailers access to over 1 billion products.
  • Price flexibility technology enables retailers to charge any margin they like on products on their in-store kiosk.
  • We mirror the brands’ websites in real-time to ensure the retailer’s products are always in stock.
  • The brands handle all stock, delivery and returns, but The Impact Store provides additional award-winning customer support for every person shopping on the platform.
  • Independent basket technology allows customers to purchase multiple brands on the kiosk and only checkout once. The respective brands then deliver the products directly to the store or the customer.
  • Secure payment gateways are in place to suit the territory preference of customers.

As a retailer, ask yourself the following – have you ever:

  • Lost a sale because a product was out of stock?
  • Tried to increase your stock but didn’t have space?
  • Grew tired of carrying hard-to-sell products?
  • Wanted to carry more brands but couldn’t afford the minimum orders?
  • Had an immediate need for more inventory but delivery lead times were too long?
  • Wanted to expand online but didn’t have the technical know-how, budget or time?

When you join the Impact Shopping Platform, you can access up to 150 million potential products to sell through new channels. Your online storefront can be set up in-store as a redirect for customers when you lack the stock of a particular product or size. Reduce your chance of losing sales and introduce a variety of new products to your inventory.

By using a drop-shipping model, the products are held with the manufacturers and sent directly from them. Our model ensures that you don’t have to hold any more physical stock to access additional revenue streams.

The utilisation of Artificial Intelligence (AI), also allows retailers to propel their online presence with simplicity and minimal additional costs. Our AI engine ensures that retailers on the Impact Shopping Platform maximise their potential for digital traffic.

Imagine getting your store in front of millions of people each day, increasing your stock volume and mobility, selling the entire online offering of brands that your customers love, selling even more brands that compliment your current offering, increase your sales and growth margins and never losing a sale again.

When you join Impact Shopping, you no longer need to imagine.

Impact Shopping is a movement which is changing the way that we think. With the circular economy principles at its very foundations, Impact encourages the promotion of minimising waste and using our resources sparingly. Impact Shopping works hard to endorse a regenerative approach in contrast to the traditional linear economy, which uses a ‘take, make and dispose of’ model of production.


The rise of influencers over the last decade has shown that not only TV celebrities can drive consumer behaviour. YouTube Vloggers, Instagrammers and other social media icons can also influence significant numbers of followers in their social media ecosystems.

Store Owners

The term “influencers” is not exclusive to these mainstream social platforms. Influencers operate in the social media space at all levels. From social enterprises such as sports/specialist interest clubs to enterprises led by a single individual or people providing information, help and guidance — influencers come from all walks of life.

The potential to have an impact is available to anyone who has a circle of influence, whether you’re a college or university student or a stay-at-home parent. The Impact Shopping Platform helps these influencers offer their followers or fan-base a unique shopping experience.

With the use of Artificial Intelligence tools and relationships with over 7,000 retailers, the Impact Shopping Platform offers anyone the ability to build their online store where they can choose the range and category of products they wish to sell to their community of influence.


Our research has found that customers want to see corporations that they buy from making initiatives to offset the negative impact that their business has on our planet. Selling their products through the Impact retailers creates an easy way to do this. Up to 10% of each sale on The Impact Shopping Platform will create Impact Credits to be used in investments around the world; allowing brands to demonstrate the impact they are having on the planet. The online shopper drives the process, participating in this positive circular economy by collecting Impact Points every time they shop with an Impact Store.

Impact Points can be traded for rewards and used to access further discounts on products and services through Impact Stores, creating further value for both online shoppers and retailers who are ‘purchasing’ the Impact Credits. All transactions leave a record on the Corre Energy private blockchain, and this ‘proof of impact” can be used by retail brands to demonstrate the number of Impact Credits that they have accrued.

We work with several world-leading innovative organisations who are looking to change the world through innovative projects. The Impact Credit is a digital currency which represents the value of these projects.

Impact Credits hold real value.

Impact Credits are generated through referrals and sales on the Impact Shopping Platform and go on to create Impact Points for retailers and consumers. Impact Points are also generated from referrals and may be used on Impact stores to purchase products.

Our current Impact Project with Corre Energy has led to the development of numerous salt caverns around the world which are used for mass-scale renewable energy storage. Currently, the valuation of these caverns stands at $6.2 billion in Impact Credits (equal to $6.2 billion in USD), this figure is supported by Imperial College London and the European Commission.

Impact Points accumulate through referrals or the development of Impact Credits. Individuals and retailers using the store or within the community can acquire Impact Points to claim prizes or buy products on the store.

If an individual or retailer decides to refer their network of friends or customers, each referral will generate them additional points to use how they would like to.


The Impact Community is our dedicated user-base of individuals and retailers who register for updates on Impact Projects, sustainable news and updates to the store (i.e. the introduction of new brands and retailers).

The individuals within the community are the pioneers of our implementation strategy. The Impact Community will be instrumental in deciding where Impact Credits are allocated and will play a personal role in the development of new technologies.

Learn more about the impact community


Corre Energy is launching a global platform to provide “Storage as a Service (SaaS)” for energy, underpinned by blockchain technology to address market failures in regulated power markets globally and to unlock the substantial hidden value of Renewable Energy Sources (RES).

The model involves the virtualisation of electricity storage from aggregated mass energy storage facilities and is provided as a service to wholesale and retail customers.

The existing energy market is broken. It was set up by incumbent energy producers (oil, coal, gas and nuclear) with a centralised supply chain and designed around fixed inputs and outputs with little incentive to improve efficiency or flexibility.

Into this market enters renewable energy. By its very nature, renewable energy is unpredictable and demands flexibility in the energy market place, because the sun doesn’t always shine and the wind doesn’t always blow. A demanding supply in an inflexible market creates waste. If we can solve the market problems, we can unlock this.

Corre Energy’s platform offers up to $4.2 trillion in potential savings globally with an enormous socioeconomic value that is otherwise wasted from the stagnant energy market.

Based in Malta, Corre Energy currently have salt caverns around the world which are being used for mass energy storage purposes. The project is currently valued at $6 billion in Impact Credits.

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